Problem Set 0 - Tutorial and Course Registration

Due: 4:59pm on Sunday, 19 January.


The goals of this assignment are to:

Collaboration Policy. For this problem set, everyone should submit their own assignment. You may work with others to go through the tutorial, but should make sure you understand everything in it yourself.

Rust Tutorial

Complete Part 1 of the Rust Tutorial, including all of the exercises in it. (You do not need to submit your code for this.)


Note that the survey is longer than you might expect, and includes reading a short essay: Silent Technical Privilege (by Philip Guo).

Submit the form below (also available at this link). Open students: non-credit students should submit the cs4414j form instead.

The Rust Tutorial was created by Alex Lamana and Wil Thomason for University of Virginia cs4414 Spring 2014.