Class 12: Scheduling in Linux and Web Servers

Posted: Tue 04 March 2014

Problem Set 3 is due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, 5 March. See the previous announcement for details on how to submit PS3.


PS3 Leaderboard Update

Scheduling in Linux

What were the problems with the Linux O(N) scheduler?

What were the problems with the Linux O(1) scheduler?

Inside the Linux 2.6 Completely Fair Scheduler: Providing fair access to CPUs since 2.6.23
CFS Scheduler Design and Announcement

What are the most important goals for an operating system scheduler today?

Energy Saving in OS 10.9 Mavericks How OS X "Mavericks" works its power-saving magic

How does the Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks scheduler save energy?

Web Server Overload

If the rate of incoming requests exceeds the server's rate of processing requests, what can you do?

Why is it hard to solve problems by just throwing more resources at them?

When is horizontal partitioning better than vertical partitioning?

How should a server respond to a distributed denial-of-service attack?

What is (or should be?) the bottleneck resource for most web servers?

Obama's Trauma Team, Time Magazine (cover article by Steven Brill), 10 March 2014. Original

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